Learning philosophy

I’m a junior now, and I’ve learned a lot about my learning process over the years. I just switched into the fine arts major and I’m really happy with that because it’s what I want to do. I tried 4 different majors before this just because I was interested in money and not my own happiness/interests and I discovered that it’s impossible for me to truly learn something that I hate. For me to learn something I have to gain a curiosity for it, a real thirst for the knowledge so that I want to continue gaining information. From there, I take information presented to me and try and apply it to my life in some way and that really helps me to grasp the concept I’m learning. I try to take in every piece of information with an open mind, even if I’ve already developed an opinion on it I try to remind myself that I can always change my mind about it. As long as information is presented to me in a no objective way that promotes individual thinking and creativity then I can expect nothing more.


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