Mission Statement

It can be kinda hard to try and put your mission statement as an artist into words at all, let alone into only 250 but I’ll try my best to convey my thoughts. As an artist, I find joy in most simple acts of creating something – this is what inspired me to pursue art in my career, because nothing else in life has really brought me the same feeling. Part of my goal as an artist is to keep that feeling – I don’t want to see the day I’m no longer happy or inspired by my own work. However, I don’t want my art to be for ‘just me’ either. One of my favorite things is seeing someone’s face when I give them or sell them a painting, to see their eyes light up at the sight of something created is truly amazing. Even if the only thing people ever really received from my art were those few seconds of happiness, then I would be truly content with my contribution to this world. Luckily however, I don’t think it is. I think that people everywhere every day, not even just artists, are constantly being inspired by the things around them, be it nature or something made by somebody else. Surely every artist strives to be original and have their own ideas, but whether they realize it or not they are influenced by the works of others. I think realizing this is a huge weight off the shoulders of any artist because they will have realized that they can be original while at the same time being inspired by someone else, and that’s what makes art so beautiful to me. I find it equally as important to inspire as it is to actually be inspired, because how could you expect to inspire something in someone else if you yourself couldn’t be inspired? And if any of my work is able to inspire just one other person in this world to themselves create something meaningful, then my mission as an artist will be complete.


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