Video 1 Summary

I thought this video was really interesting. There was a lot of focus on graffiti and similar art, which already intrigues me. Nobody is going to put time into graffiting anything unless they really want to express or create something (especially given that it’s almost always illegal), and to me that’s what qualifies it as art. Unless you’re like tagging gang signs or writing intentionally offensive material, graffiti is just as much art to me as drawing or painting. This is strange because a lot of society deems graffiti as garbage or as ruining that nice boring wall or train or what have you. Another part of the video I really enjoyed was this bit where an artist was making a piece, like a portrait or something, and she mentioned that part of human creation is our inability to make something perfect. We may try to draw a perfectly straight line, but the beauty and uniqueness of human art comes from the fact that we could never achieve that. It was interesting to see how some people choose to express themselves through their art; be it through discarded trash sculptures, graffiti, or anything else really and that money is the least of their reasonings behind it.


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