Video 2 Summary

This video was really cool to me, I’ve always really loved optical illusions/mind games and that’s exactly what this was. First of all, the illusions themselves were really awesome just seeing how our minds interpret colors differently and learning about what makes these things happen. Of course it’s just the light reflecting off of everything and being captured by our eyes, but it’s not just this that makes illusions happen (or that makes how we perceive our ‘reality’), it’s how our brains interpret all of this information. For example, we were shown 2 identical pictures of a desert, then asked to stare between two colors for a while (red and green) and then asked to look at the pictures of the desert again. This time, there was a residual retina burn similar to if you look at the sun or bright light for a while, over each picture as the compliment to whatever the colors were shown before (if that makes any sense). It just goes to show that everything we interpret visually may not be as “black and white” (color pun certainly intended) as we believe them to be, given that our entire schemas can be eschewed by a few light tricks.


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