Project 4 Concept

Project 4 gives us a lot of freedom to choose our subject matter, which I’m very happy about. It does make it a bit harder though, because now we have to pick something good enough and special enough to us that it will be fun and meaningful. Luckily I don’t think I’ll have that problem. A huge part of the art I make is based off of what I find beautiful. This is why I paint landscapes – I’ve always loved nature in general, being in it and even just looking at it makes me happy. Art has also , always been something that makes me happy, so it made sense to combine them.

I’m not completely set on my ideas for project 4 yet, but I will probably be making a series of 3 paintings, each focusing on a different aspect of nature that I enjoy. Maybe one will focus on sky and clouds, another on mountains and distant scenery, and another on trees.

I know for sure that nature is one of my biggest passions so I definitely am sticking to that as my subject but I’m notsure on the iterations yet. I also am pretty sure I want them to be paintings.

Here are 10 words I would associate with my choice of subject:


-Mountains -Trees


-Sky -Rocks






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