Project 4 Artist Statement

This post may only be making it to my page today (our exam day) but hey, better late than never right? Anyway luckily now that I’m done with project 4 it’s much easier for me to explain my process behind creating it. Project 4’s concept for me was nature, as nature is a huge influence on me and my art. I grew up in Colorado which probably explains why, i t’s one of the most beautiful places in the world to me. I decided to do 3 paintings to try and convey my affection for nature and landscapes.

4.1-I decided to make my first piece focusing on my favorite part of a landscape, the sky/couds. All of these are acrylic on paper. My theory is to make my first two iterations of project 4 like important ‘elements’ of a landscape but not necessarily a completed one until 4.3.

4.2- For this iteration, I decided to take the opposite extreme for my element. I wanted to focus this piece on trees. Clouds are generally the farthest thing away from you in a landscape painting, while trees can be the closest thing in the foreground. Trees are one of my favorite things in this world not only to paint but in general. They’re abnormal shapes and sizes make them unique and I love that.

4.3- For my final piece, I wanted to tie everything together. I also noticed that 4.1 has a generally blue color scheme, while 4.2 has generally red one. I figured what the heck, there’s only one more primary color out there so I’d make 4.3 with a lot of yellow. I wanted to bring together both elements of 4.1&4.2, while creating something more. I decided to make a full landscape with a mountain, waterfalls, distant lake and trees.

My whole reason behind my choice for Project 4 (besides the fact that I really love painting landscapes) was hopefully to get the viewer to glimpse nature through my eyes and see what I see as beautiful in it.


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