Project 3 Emotions

  1. Playful – Orientation: Horizontal and asymmetrical, I imagine playful to be a fluid and slow-moving idea but small and asymmetrical to represent spontaneity and fun. Low contrast to provide a less harsh appearance.
  2. Victorious – Orientation: Vertical and symmetrical, fast moving. I see victorious as a tall and quickly moving idea to represent triumph/pride. High contrast so it’s in-your-face victory.
  3. Hyper – Orientation: Vertical and asymmetrical, fast moving. I’m imagining hyper as a vertical and rapid succession, asymmetry helps to give a chaotic feel and high contrast would add to that.
  4. Passion – Horizontal and symmetrical, not too large and quick & subtle contrast to provide the idea with a calming yet confident & expressive air.
  5. Restfulness – Horizontal, symmetrical, small and low contrast / slow moving to provide it with a calming and “sleepy” feel.
  6. Weak – Horizontal, small, asymmetrical and slow moving. No real contrast, these will help provide a feeling of general weakness and nothing too tall or strong or fast will add anything to that.
  7.  Broken – Vertical, very asymmetrical to give a “broken up” feel. Substantial contrast and fast pace gives an idea of something trying to work, but cannot because it is broken.
  8. Volatile – Tall & asymmetrical to give the look of chaos, very high contrast and very large/fast to give an unstable appearance.
  9. Confused – Horizontal, not too large and asymmetrical because there is no real order to confusion. No contrast will add to that confusion and slow moving parts will induce a feeling of lack of confidence.
  10. Anxiety – Vertical and very tall. Asymmetrical and jagged pieces so it looks uncomfortable, definitely fast moving and high contrast to give an anxious feel.
  11. Trusting – Horizontal, small and symmetrical so as not to appear threatening in any way. Some contrast but not too much, and slow moving again so as not to startle or appear malicious.
  12. Strong – Definitely vertical, tall and symmetrical to provide a stable and supportive look. Enough contrast to tell difference and fast moving to provide confidence and strength.
  13. Languid – Horizontal orientation, not big at all and very slow moving. Low contrast and rounded objects will provide a tired and relaxed appearance, while a lack of symmetry provides an exhaustive quality.
  14. Exuberant – Vertical and large to show energetic quality. Symmetry and high contrast provide stability but also a quality that is certain & recognizable. Fast moving provides a lively fluid feel.

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