Project 2 Installation / iMotion video

image image image image

Attached are progress pictures and the final product of our project 2 installation. My group members were Kady and Lynise.

Our 3 rendered cardboard objects from the first part of project 2 were a video game controller, longboard, and phone charger. So for our metaphor we decided upon “Life is a game; you win some and you lose some.” This was the easiest metaphor for us to come up with given our 3 objects.

We decided to take the game aspect of our metaphor more literally for our scene and create something that looks like it’s straight out of a video game. We made a Mario type character to ride the longboard through the “level” of life. We added things like pipes and evil plants along the way both as an allusion to the video game, and to represent the various dangers and obstacles one might face while playing “the game of life”. Finally, at the end we used the controller and charger cable “plugged in” to a simulated game console and sitting on a pedestal to kind of “invite” viewers/passersby to step up and play the game.

Ultimately I think our project and installation was pretty successful. If I could change anything maybe I’d have liked to add more things relevant to our metaphor than the literal interpretation, but I’m still happy with our work.

Below is the YouTube link to our iMotion video (worpdress does not support the file type)


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