Attached is the link to the Mobius video we watched in class. The artist used a simple triangular form the but employed a very clever way of shooting and moving pieces via stop motion that created the illusion of a fluidly moving/rotating form. What they did was as they rotated the shape, they cut off a plane that would touch the ground and as the shape moved, they cut away more so it looked as though the shape was receding into the ground.

They used a public city location to shoot the video which I believe adds to it, as a stop motion video you get small glimpses of passersby and spectators which makes it seem more like a public interaction than just what it is as well as show all the different people working on it. Also the outside location shows the change in daylight which helps show how long it actually took to get all the pieces down and moved for each frame.

The music helps as well, it’s a very calming and sweet sounding slow song which gives the project an enjoyable vibe. It wouldn’t have been the same with some hard rock song or something fast paced, for instance.

These are all important parts of a project that we should be keeping in mind for ours. I’m not sure if we can put music in ours, however the location is one big part that can make a difference. For example, something shot outdoors somewhere is going to have a way different feel than something shot on a plain white backdrop.

The speed of our videos is going to make a difference as well. If we have an emotion like Hyper that should probably be a lot faster moving than something like Sad or Broken. Also important to think about is the way we make our shapes “disappear” or change. If a shape is only receding it may give a sadder feel, while something going rapidly back and forth or building upward gives the opposite.

Ultimately the Mobius video was a cool project to watch and was a helpful tool in our project 3.


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