Project 3 Reflection

So for my Project 3 iMotion videos, my emotions were Broken and Hyper. These are two pretty vastly different emotions so I knew I needed to make two very different videos to convey them. The form I chose to use with the foam cores were cubes with rounded edges (I didn’t want to be dragged down or limited by the shape I chose, I wanted to focus on how to convey emotions using movement and segmenting the forms, so a square was simple for me to use). I cut the cubes into fifths segments to make transitions between growing / shrinking shapes seem more fluid and natural. 

My thought process behind Broken was pretty simple – when Imthink of Broken as an emotion I think of something sad and diminished, something spiraling out of control or into nothing. I wanted to avoid as much as possible the literal idea of broken, i.e. having the pieces actually break apart or something. So I set up 5 of my cubes in a general circle shape, and picked an arbitrary spot for them to begin “sinking” into the ground one small segment at a time. I rotated the cubes in slow segments  around the circle, and I also rotated the cubes themselves slightly as they turned around the circle. Once each cube hit the point I picked arbitrarily, I began to switch out the segments to it appeared as though they were all sinking into the ground at different intervals, eventually leaving none of them left at the end to show how “broken” they were. 

 My thought process behind Hyper was to create something majorly vertical and fast moving – hyper seems like an emotion to me that when personified would be very tall but also that changes rapidly. When I think of hyper I think of someone just being all over the place, no real pattern to or reason behind their actions, “bouncing off the walls” etc. So what I did was start with 4 different spots for the cubes to lie, and set them on a sheet. The sheet helped the not-perfect bottoms of the forms to appear to be flatter. I then just began slowly and randomly adding and subtracting to each pile with every frame, sometimes using small transitions and sometimes using big ones to show that some spires were growing / shrinking with great speed, and others at times would change more slowly. However, I kept in mind my progress with each step to ensure I didn’t do the same movement back and forth and having a general idea of what it was doing helped me plan out a better final product. Once I felt I had enough frames I stopped and played with the frame rate for a while but it was obvious that a faster frame rate helped support the idea of Hyper. 
The class agreed that my Hyper idea was better than my Broken video, and I also agree with this. After watching the video I am very happy with my Hyper one, I really think it did a good job conveyin the emotion. Once we watched the Broken one without saying what the word was, it was pretty clear to me that the video could have been a bit more accurate to the emotion, maybe the spiraling bit was unnecessary or could have been improved / made smoother, but ultimately I’m happy with my work and honestly had more fun than I thought I would making the stop motion videos. 


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