Project 4 In Progress/Final Images/Reflection

Attached below are my final images of my sculpture itself, and of the edited photoshops.

For some reason, my main idea for this project was to create a sort of “unnecessary support” for a structure (tree or leaning tower of Pisa). This came from fiddling with the toothpicks themselves and from sketching some ideas. I like the idea because I feel my form is somewhat interesting on its own, but it makes it more intriguing to see it set up to look as if it is holding something up, even though they obviously are standing fine on their own. I suppose for a deeper reflection this could represent additional emotional or financial stability for something that may need it over time (the tower may fall eventually) etc.

As far as the form itself, the design mostly came to me as I built it. I had a different idea at first of making several interlocking horizontal support beams that all connected to the ground, much like a bridge support however upon actually playing with the toothpicks I came up with this instead. I wanted to kind of intermingle ideas of both organic and geometric shapes. Geometric shapes to kind of hint at an “industrial”, more mathematically correct and systematic way of supporting something whereas the organic part I wanted to induce more of a “natural” feel. I tried to achieve this by breaking off the “legs” of the bottom supports, I was going for a tree-branchey/spider-webby look which I guess I was mostly successful in. Each point where I glued 2 picks together also luckily had some range of motion/bending with the hot glue, which further allowed me to shape them into what I wanted.

Overall I’m pretty happy with my sculpture, my edited images maybe could have been a little cleaner but I’m happy with it.


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