Self-Reflection Essay

Art was always a sort of escape for me, something I was good at and something that always made me happy. I never thought about pursuing it seriously, however, until my third year of college. I switched majors five times – I went through zoology, digital science, computer information systems, etc.… but it was through these greatly contrasting experiences that I was able to discern what it is I really wanted. And nothing made me happier than making art. Having an image in your head, an entire world, and translating it into something real and tangible on canvas, has just always been an exhilarating experience I will never tire of.

When I first started being more serious about pursuing art, I was drawn to what I was most comfortable with, and what I enjoyed the most: nature. From beginning with painting alongside Bob Ross, I became confident enough that I knew I should start expanding my horizons. I was always inspired by Renaissance period artwork, both for its photorealistic qualities, and for the passionate spirituality behind the pieces. I love working at making my art more realistic visually, but learning more about Renaissance period artwork really instilled within me a drive to make my work more meaningful, to me and to the viewer.

The vast majority of the work I make on my own is landscape-based; I gain the most inspiration from nature. I’m just recently getting into some digital painting, which I could really see myself doing something with in the future. I really love the freedom of digital media as opposed to paint itself, and I can more easily exercise concepts on photoshop than I can on canvas. One artist whose work I absolutely love is Mary Iverson. I actually stumbled across her in Hi-Fructose magazine, and was immediately drawn to her work. She does stunning paintings of landscapes, with surreal twists that allude to our personal and global relationships with the environment. It’s those kinds of questions I’d like viewers of my work to ask themselves. I already have done a fair bit of commission work over the past few years, including some album artwork for bands, and I’ve had paintings accepted to a few of the years’ past GAR foundation shows. I also participate in Kent’s annual Art in the Park festival, where local artists come to set up booths to sell work and meet other artists. Kent is a great city to begin an art career, and I’m excited to see where I’ll go with it next.


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