Self-Portrait Proposal

So for my self-portrait assignment, I won’t be sourcing any images. I want to create a self-portrait entirely through digital painting, and tools & tricks in photoshop obviously but I want it all to be my own creation. I’m a painter, and part of why I love painting so much is because it’s up to the artist, his tools, and colored blobs of liquid to create the illusion of an image that is recognizable.

As far as how I’ll be approaching the collage, I know I want to have myself in an environment I create. Landscape and nature are my favorite things to paint, sometimes with surreal aspects, but I love creating an entire world & space in my art, so what better place for my digital “me” than a landscape I created. I don’t think I want my likeness to be even necessarily the focus, but I will be there. I want to be holding a paintbrush up before a majestic landscape, and a lightning bolt of inspiration striking it.


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