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Final Hybrid Project (Digital Media)

IMG_0719.JPGHere is my finished hybrid final project image. I had a lot of fun with this, & it turned out really well I think. I had my square canvas in photoshop, & made the triangle in the middle for me to digitally “paint” the image of the tree / sunset there. Then once it was printed, I taped off the borders and triangle and used oil paint to paint the blue sky / clouds around it. I really love the clashing styles of medium, this kind of mixed media is something I’ll most likely be experimenting with in the future.


Hybrid Final Project Proposal (Digital Media)

So for my final project, I wanted to incorporate my favorite part of digital art/media (digital painting) with my favorite part of traditional art/media, which is oil painting. I plan to make an image within an image – a small digital painting of a landscape and then after I get that printed out I plan on painting with oils around that image. Here is my digital portion : policy_hybrid.jpg
I plan on using traditional paint to make a blue sky and clouds around the triangle.

Human Movement Video (Digital Media)

So I had a really hard time coming up with an idea for this project, and after I spent an inordinate amount of time brainstorming ideas and trying to find inspiration, the idea came to me that I would just make my video about me trying to come up with an idea. Cliche I know, but video making and editing is not my strong suit. I tried to incorporate as much “movement” into my thought process; i.e. pacing & the time lapse of me painting. I think the music and editing timing choices I made helped it to become more than just something I threw together without direction, thanks to the music available on free Video below:

5×5 Video revisit (Digital Media)

So for my edited 5×5, I wanted to push further the idea of “boredom.” I made each clip black & white, and added the chirping crickets in the background to give a sense of kind of nothing happening. I also switched the order of the clips per suggestion, in order to make it less confusing as to whether I was failing or succeeding at the “tasks” I was performing. Video below:

5×5 Video (Digital Media)

For my 5×5 I wanted to tackle to subject of “boredom”. This is unfortunately something I (and most people) experience, but it’s not so super serious like say, depression, so I could have some fun with it. I exaggerated the aspect of boredom in the video to be funny, but to also get my point across.

Video below:

Propaganda Poster (Digital Media)

Here is my final image for the propaganda project: policy_propaganda_redo.jpg
I think for the most part it was successful as a propaganda poster. The critique helped me fix a few things compositionally, but overall I’m happy with it. The idea I was going for was like a subtle irony, like “oh, here we humans go killin’ another planet!” I think the final product follows my proposal idea pretty well after moving some things around post-critique & I had fun with it.

Propaganda Proposal (Digital Media)

So for my propaganda poster, I want to do something kind of funny, and a little bit serious. I want to make some ironic statement about Earth’s diminishing resources, and the main “advertisement” of the poster will be to colonize another planet, since Earth is dying. It’s a fictional poster given that Earth still has some time, and we aren’t really colonizing space yet – but maybe it takes place in a not-so-distant future. I’m not sure if I want the planet to be something like Mars, or another Earth-like planet that actually exists. I want my text to be bold and in your face, as successful propaganda is usually attention-grabbing. I guess the closest image I can muster for inspiration as far as content is the classic Che Guevara propaganda, and for text this m&m advertisement grabbed my attention: